Our finished projects

Well done to all of the students on their excellent Australian Animal projects. It was a lot of fun! We even had an exhibition to learn about each animal. We finished it off with a quiz. You can click on the pictures to view them in a larger format.

Australian Animal dioramas.

We have been working on our Australian animal projects for a few weeks. This is how you can make a project too.

Step 1: Choose an animal. Find out about it by reading some books and searching online. The Healesville Zoo has a great website.

Step 2: Find a shoebox and think about your animal habitat. Paint the background colours on your shoebox.

Step 3: Make some salt dough and create your animal. Pinch your dough into shape instead of trying to attach lots of pieces together. This well help it to be stronger. You can bake your dough, but we just left ours for a week to dry.

Step 4: Find out the main colour of your animal and give your model a base coat of paint.

Step 5: When your base coat is dry, add some detail with different coloured paint.

Step 6: Collect some natural materials, coloured paper and other interesting objects.

Step 7: Put everything together to create your animal habitat. Don’t forget to add some food and water!


When we measure something, we need to make sure the things we use to measure with are all the same size. Which one of these would you choose, A or B? Why?



We predicted how many unifix would fit into this container.


Here are our predictions:

Tyler – 100, Allie – 74, Lauren – 161, Tait – 104, Ben – 120

What is your prediction?

The answer is …. Who was the closest?